Are you new to Cedar Valley Middle School?  If so, we know you have many questions and would like to get you "in the know". Feel free to contact CeVMS PTA with any questions you might have. Some information is below and you can also view the "How Can We Help" section of the Cedar Valley Middle School website for additional information as it becomes available.

Things to know for the beginning of school…

What should students bring the first day of school?
Supplies needed can vary depending on which classes and electives your student has. The first day of school, students will not need more than a binder, paper, and pens/pencils. The supplies needed from each class will be given out and you can get a more accurate list of what is needed.
How do I know which "Team" my student is on?
Student schedules will show their team information - Teams are listed as "6-1" for Grade 6, Team 1, etc.
Where do students wait before school begins?

Each grade has a designated waiting area that students are required to stay in until school starts.
8th Grade: Cafeteria
7th Grade: 7th Grade Hallway in front of their locker
6th Grade: 6th Grade Hallway in front of their locker

ALL students may do activities in the Library before school, as space is available, or in areas designated for tutorials or clubs meeting before school.
Where do I pick up my student at the end of the school day?
See the drop off/pick up video map attached to verify where students should be dropped off and picked up - **Note that there is a different traffic flow in the mornings vs. the afternoons**. You may also use the parking lot of the church located directly across the street of the cafeteria entrance on Racine Trail, but all students MUST use the crosswalks with crossing guards to get to and from school entrances.
What do I do if I need a schedule change?
Schedule changes are not always possible, but if an urgent need arises, have your student see their class counselor. Students have the same counselor for all their years of middle school. Ms. Eickbusch is the current 6th Grade Counselor, Ms. Cowen is the current 7th Grade Counselor, and Ms. Roberts is the current 8th Grade Counselor. The CeVMS Counseling website can be found by clicking here.
When do 7th & 8th Graders receive Lockers? 
Seventh & Eighth Graders will receive lockers during the first week of school. 6th Graders will receive locker information during Jag Camp. 

Some tips…

No items will be delivered to students between 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (i.e. shoes, homework, gym clothes, books, snacks etc.) Any items delivered during this time will be held in the Jag Lobby until delivery time.

No balloons, flowers, gifts, cupcakes or any other congratulatory items will be delivered at all during school hours due to classroom interruption.

3:15p.m. is the latest you can pick up a student from school for appointments etc., due to staggered dismissal times of our students and bus arrivals.  Please have your driver’s license to show when you arrive.

All lunches dropped off for students PRIOR TO 10:50 a.m. will be placed on a Lunch Cart located in the Jag Lobby.  These lunches will be taken to the cafeteria at 11:00 a.m. (prior to the first lunch) for the student to pick up during their lunch period.  If lunches are dropped off AFTER 10:50 a.m., the parent will be asked to take the lunch to the cafeteria. NO lunches are ever delivered to the classroom.  It’s highly recommended that if you plan to bring lunch for your student that you communicate this with them.

You must show a driver’s license to have lunch with a student and get a visitor badge before doing so. To have lunch, you must be an immediate family member or have prior family member approval which should be communicated to the Receptionist either by note or phone call.

If your student is getting picked up by another parent during school hours, please send your student with a note to the Attendance Office giving that parent permission to do so, and include a parent/guardian contact phone # in case of any questions. Without a note, the student cannot be released.

When a student is absent, s/he MUST bring a note from a parent/guardian or medical provider to the Attendance Office (not a teacher) within 48 hours upon returning to school stating the reason s/he was absent. If your student misses any period of the day, you will receive an automated phone message stating the absence that evening.  If you feel this is an error, please 1st check Home Access for your child’s attendance to see which period/teacher counted them absent, and then contact that teacher directly. Please do not contact the Attendance Clerk as she cannot change any attendance.  Corrections must come from the teacher of record.