JAG SHACK! Volleyball Games - 9/27/18

Donations and volunteers needed for upcoming Volleyball season! The games this week are on  Thursday, 9/27/18, against Hopewell Middle School. 7th Grade will be home, and 8th Grade will be Away. The B Team Game starts at 5:30, and the A Team Game starts approx. 10 minutes after the first match ends.
We need lots of donations and volunteers for upcoming Volleyball season!
***Please try to have donations dropped off by 4 PM of Game Day.***
We would appreciate any donations for the JAG SHACK! Volleyball Games. Your donation does not have to be a bulk purchase from Sam's or Costco. Local grocery stores have great deals and available items that we need all the time. Donations can be dropped off at the Front Office with “PTA Concessions” marked on the bag/item. Donations can also be dropped off the night of a game.
Please consider donating one of the following:
  • Soda products: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Diet Dr. Pepper or your favorite - two 12-packs per sign up would be great! (NO NEED OF MORE Dr. Pepper - Thank you!)
  • Cases of Water (16.9 Ounce Bottle Size)
  • Gatorade/Powerade bottles (12 or 20 Oz. sizes)
  • Paper products: small (dessert size) & large plates, napkins, plastic forks, plastic knives
  • Snack bars: Slim Jims/Cotton Candy/Pop Tarts/Granola Bars/Rice Krispie Treats/Fruit Snacks – something your student likes!
  • Chips: Taki's Brand (individual bags, available at Walmart)
  • Candy: chocolate bars (king size or small), theater box size candy, skittles, blow pops, ring pops

We also need 1 parent that would be willing to transport chicken from Bush's Chicken on 620 before the game begins. **Order will have been prepaid so no need for paying when picking up.
Please Contact Mariana Allen for questions or if you are interested in chairing concessions: marianaallen@icloud.com (512) 810-8340.

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FLU clinic volunteers needed 9/25

CeVMS’ school nurse, Michelle Carlson, needs volunteers to help with our district FLU clinic to assist escorting students to/from class & assist with student management in the hallway during the clinic on Tuesday, September 25th.
Sign up for a spot below!  
Thanks so much!


Click here for the on-line schedule.